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How to use CCP to view Syslog messages stored in Cisco Router/Switch Memory

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You can use Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) to view the Syslog messages which are stored in Cisco Router's/Switch's RAM. You can use the below commands to instruct a Cisco Router / Switch to store Syslog messages in RAM.

OmniSecuR1#configure terminal
OmniSecuR1(config)#logging buffered 8192

You can specify the maximum amount of Router's / Switch's memory to store Syslog messages (above example, the maximum amount of Router/Switch memory for Syslog storage is "8192").

To view the Syslog messages using Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP), run Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) and login using your password credentials. Click "Monitoring" and then select Syslog as shown below. You can also view the messages based on the Severity Level of the Syslog messages.

CCP Syslog



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