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Why Web Server Security is Important

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Web Servers usually store the content which are available for the public like product information, pricing, technical support, contact information etc.   The contents of the websites are normally stored as Hypertext Markup Language .HTML) files, Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (.HTML) files, Active Server Pages (ASP) files, Extensible Markup Language (XML) files, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files, JavaScript files, graphics, sounds etc.

Web Servers may also contain other business data that may be confidential. Since the Web Servers are accessible for the public, there is a chance for it to get compromised by the malicious users. Small businesses often have a single physical server that performs many server functions for the organization, like a Web Server, Database Server, E-mail Server etc. Here compromising a single server can expose the entire business data of the organization to a malicious user.  Dedicated Web server also may also pose threat to security, since it is publicly available and compromising the mail server may help the malicious user to compromise other servers also. So the securing Web Servers are very important and vital to secure the IT infrastructure.

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