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Built-in user accounts, administrator, guest how to secure administrator and guest accounts

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Built-in user accounts are the user accounts which are created automatically by Windows 2003. Important built-in user accounts are Administrator and Guest.

Built-in user accounts

Windows 2003 Administrator built-in user account

The Windows 2003 Administrator built-in user account has full permissions on Windows 2003 Operating System and it can be used to manage the Windows 2003 computer. This account is created in a stand-alone Windows 2003 computer, when you install the Operating System. The Administrator account cannot be deleted.

Since the Administrator account has full permissions, this account should be protected. The following steps are useful for protecting the Windows 2003 Administrator user account.

1) Rename the Administrator account with a new name so that it is difficult to find which the administrator account is.

2) The password for Windows 2003 administrator account should be always long and complex.

3) Do not share the administrator password with many others.

4) Always try to login to the Windows 2003 server with a non-administrator user account to perform non-administrative tasks. Use the Administrator account only when you perform administrative tasks. Always try to use the "Run As" feature to perform administration.

Windows 2003 Guest built-in user account

The Windows 2003 built-in Guest account can be used to provide users who do not have an account to log on and gain access to resources. By default, the Guest account password is blank and is disabled. Rename the Guest account it to provide more security in your network. Guest account also cannot be deleted. The Guest account should be enabled only in low-security networks.

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