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How to install PowerShell in Windows 2008 Server

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In Windows 2008 Server PowerShell Version 1 is available as a Server Feature. To install PowerShell Version 1, use Server Manager MMC snap-in. The PowerShell Version 2 is available for download at Microsoft website.

1) Open Server Manager MMC snap-in by right clicking the "Computer" from Start Menu and selecting "Manage" from context menu. Open the "Features" node.

Server Manager MMC snap-in

2) Click Add Features, to open Add Features Wizard. Check "Windows PowerShell" and click "Next" to continue.

PowerShell installation add features wizard


3) In Confirm Installation Selections Screen, Click "Install".


PowerShell installation Confirm Installation Selections Screen

4) Click "Close" in the Installation Results screen to complete the installation.

PowerShell Installation Results

5) Now you can open PowerShell Version 1 from Start > All Programs > Windows PowerShell.

windows powershell

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