Microsoft will end extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020

  • Posted By Jajish Thomas
  • On 6th January 2020, at 12.50 PM IST
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Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. Windows 7 was originally released on October 22, 2009. Windows 7 has now crossed 10 years in computer industry. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end the extended support for Windows 7. End of extended support means that Microsoft will stop issuing routine security updates. Other software vendors will stop supporting Windows 7 slowly for their new products and new versions of their old products. Windows 7 may not install properly on new hardware also.

When Microsoft Windows operating system is within the mainstream support period, Microsoft will provide security updates. Microsoft usually ends the mainstream support for its desktop operating systems five years after the release of an operating system. After the mainstream support period, the Operating System is in extended support. Extended support period is normaly five years. But during the extended support period, the Operating System will receive only less support from Microsoft.

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Some business organizations that run legacy applications may need more time before upgrading. For those type of businesses Microsoft is selling "Extended Security Updates". "Extended Security Updates" are Critical security updates for the Operating System. "Extended Security Updates" is only for a maximum of three years after the product’s End of Extended Support date. Means that Microsoft will continue providing security updates for three more years after January 14 2020, but you can only get them if you pay for "Extended Security Updates".

Main point to note here is Windows 7 home user cannot buy "Extended Security Updates". "Extended Security Updates" are available only to businesses and other organizations, not for home use.

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