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Please use below email address to contact Jajish Thomas. Alternatively you may use below web form also to contact Jajish Thomas.



Please use the Contact Us form only for the following types of queries.

1) Questions like "How can I donate some money to ?."

2) Pointing Errors/Mistakes/Spelling or Grammer Mistakes in tutorials. I am very glad to hear those, because this is a one man show and there may be errors or mistakes.

3) Technical queries / Any other general genuine queries.


Please do not send following type of mails.

Please do not send any mail saying that you can do SEO for this website.


1) I do not have much money left to pay you for your services.

2) I do not believe in SEO. I belive that if I have good content in my website, people will visit again.

3) I am better than you for that job.


Please do not send any mail saying that you have cheap V!@gr@


1) All my organs are functioning well right now.

2) I am happy and I believe that my wife is also happy.

3) There is no point in you worrying about this.


Please do not send me any invitation to invest in stock market or any other business.


1) I do not have much money left to invest in stock market.

2) Money I had already invested is rusting somewhere.

3) I am not a fool to invest money in your business by reading a junk mail.


Please do not send me any mail similar to below lines.

"I am the only son/daughter of a minister from an African country who died in a plane crash / military coup. My father deposited a very large amount of money in my name in some bank / some where. Help me in recovering that money, we can share 50%-50%.


1) I am helpless. But, I am sad what happened to you in your life.

2) I do not want that type of money.

3) Still you want me to help you, you have to transfer my 50% first (By PayPal only, I can't give you my bank account number).


Please do not send any mail for web site monitoring tools to track the down time for this website.


1) I am happy with my hosting provider and they are providing me a reasonable service.

2) I am not a corporate company to track the web sites for down time.

3) All the material in this website are free and I am not getting much revenue from this site to pay for your services.