Question: What is

Answer: started as a personal website to help my CCNA and MCSE (Windows 2003) students back in 2008, because they requested to host my notes in a website.

Question: OmniSecu? What is the meaning of that word?

Answer: My intention was to register the domain name (meaning "security everywhere"). Fortunately or unfortunately, the domain name "" was not avaialable or such a company was already there. So I registered the domain name as

Question: What is the purpose of this site?

Answer: This site is created as a reference to networking students and basic & intermediate level IT professionals. I am planning to develop this site such a way that anyone can learn the Computer Networking and Network Security topics step-by-step easy way.

Question: Are you a company?

Answer: No. This is my personal web site.

Question: Any jobs available?

Answer: Currently this is a personal website. I need two persons 1) A technical person with good knowledge in Networking and Network Security to help me in creating tutorials and 2) Another person with good knowledge in any graphics tool (Adobe Photoshop or GIMP) to create images for tutorials. I like to call this a Free Service, because I do not have any money to pay you. I am a poor person. No Money... No Worry... Really!!!

Question: Are you making money from

Answer: Not now. May be in future.

Question: Do you need web development services?

Answer: No

Question: Does need SEO services?

Answer: No

Question: Is domain name available for sale?

Answer: No

Question: Does accept advertisements?

Answer:Contact me at

Question: Which area of knowledge you give importance?

Answer:Networking, Network Security and System Administration.

Question: What all certification references you provide?

Answer:I am planning to add support for almost all major vendors, but it may take time to cover all. Please be patient. Within a short span of time you can gain access to resourses worth thousands of dollers absolutly FREE!

Question: For long time there was no update in this website? What was the problem?

Answer:I was busy with my day to day activities. Didn't get enough time to create tutorials. Now (December, 2014) I am working hard to add more Networking, Network Security and System Administration tutorials and to improve the quality of existing tutorials.

Question: When will you upload all the certification content to this site?

Answer:I have no idea.

Question: Is this a paid site?

Answer:No. is open for all for educational purposes. You cannot use the contents of this site in a real-time commercial environment. If you want to to add the contents of in your web site, you must provide a hyper-link (WITHOUT nofollow attribute) back to If you want to use the contents of in print material, you must clearly mention that the contents are from

Question: Will you provide online support to the user's tech problems?

Answer:May be. But remember, this is a free site and I am busy with my day-to-day activities. I enjoy helping others, but often time is a constraint. You may post your queries at or visit Contact Us page.

Question: Is there any user forum?

Answer:No. But you may expect a great user forum soon.

Question: There are broken links. Why don't you fix them?

Answer:I am trying to fix all the links, but often time is a constraint. This is a one-man show. If you happen to see broken links inside, help me by reporting it at our Feedback page.

Question: There are technical errors/spelling mistakes/grammar mistakes. Why don't you correct them?

Answer:I am trying to correct all the technical errors/spelling mistakes/grammar mistakes, but often time is a constraint. This is a one-man show. If you happen to see technical errors/spelling mistakes/grammar mistakes inside, help me by reporting it at our Feedback page.