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How to Backup the System State using Windows 2003 Backup utility (ntbackup.exe)

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1) To backup system state (including the registry, software, security, Security Accounts Manager (SAM), and the default user), run Windows Server 2003 Backup tool (ntbackup.exe). To run Windows Server 2003 Backup tool (ntbackup.exe), type ntbackup in run dialog box and hit Enter or click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup.

By default Windows Server 2003 Backup tool (ntbackup.exe) run in wizard mode. To change to Advanced mode, uncheck the Always Start In Wizard Mode check box, click Advanced Mode and then click the Backup tab.

Backup utility ntbackup advanced mode

2) On the Job menu, click "New" and check the "System State" check box. Also select any other files, folders, or drives that you may want to back up. Enter the destination file name at "Backup media or file name". If a tape device is not connected to your computer, File is the only backup media type that is available in the Backup destination box. In the Backup media or file name box If you are backing up to a file, specify a path and file name for the backup (.bkf) file. If you are backing up to tape, click the tape that you want to use. Click "Start Backup" button.

backup utility ntbackup system state backup

3) In "Backup Job Information" dialog box, click "Start Backup" to start backup operation.

ntbackup job information sysbackup

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