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Failover Server Cluster Pre-installation check-lists

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In this lesson and following lessons, you will be learning how to install cluster service on a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server and how to enable DHCP service. Please note that in this example I am using StarWind iSCSI target (The trial version of StarWind iSCSI target is available for download on Rocket Software Website) and Microsoft iSCSI initiator (also available in Microsoft website for free download). Installation details and documentation of StarWind software is available in their web site Rocket Software. Visit wikipedia to know more about iSCSI protocol.

Cluster pre-installation check lists

1)  You should have a "Network Name" for the cluster.

2)  It is necessary that you should have an IP address for the cluster.

3)  If you are using an external drive, it should be up and running properly. If you are using StarWind iSCSI target, install and configure it on a network server.

4) You can run the cluster with single network card, but you should not. You should have two network card configured in each of your node.  If multiple network cards are being used, rename the connections so that you can easily identify them.

5) You should have an user account in Active Directory domain for the cluster Service. The account for the cluster service can be a non-administrator, but it should be a service account (never expire).

6)  Choose your cluster mode and quorum type during the cluster installation.

7) Using Microsoft iSCSI initiator, mount the remote iSCSI targets as local disks on the cluster nodes. Here we are going to install a two node cluster for DHCP services.

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