Business Data Classification

Business Data have different levels of sensitivity. Loss of sensitive data can result in business loss for a company even create problems to the existance of the company, if it is reached in wrong hands.

Business data is often classified as below.

Public data: Public data is the public information available to anyone and will not create any problem if lost

Internal data: Internal data is the data internally used by a company, but if it lost will not cause any harm.

Confidential data: Confidential data is the data which is confidential to the company and may cause financial and operational loss to the company.

Secret data: Secret data is the which is highly sensitive that should never become public. Secret data loss can cause very serious to the company.

Top secret data: Top secret data is the highest sensitivity of data. Only top level management must have access. If lost to wrong hands, may cause problem even to the existence to the company.

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