How to connect manage and configure Cisco ACS using web browser

After installing the Cisco Secure ACS, we can connect to it by using HTTPS with any web browser (suggested browser is latest Microsoft Internet Explorer).

To connect to Cisco Secure ACS we installed in the previous lesson, follow these steps.

Step 1: Ping to the Cisco Secure ACS, using the IP address which we configured in last lesson ( to make sure that Cisco Secure ACS is up and running and we can reach to Cisco Secure ACS.

Connect Cisco ACS Server ping

Step 2: Open Internet Explorer and connect to Cisco Secure ACS using HTTPS as shown below. You may get a certificate error as shown below. You can ignore it or try adding the certificate to the trusted root CA store to prevent the error for future connections.

Connect Cisco ACS server browser

Step 3: Enter the userid and password for the Cisco Secure ACS. The default userid to connect via HTTPS is “acsadmin” and password is “default” (without double quotes)

Connect Cisco ACS Server userid password

Step 4: Reset your default password (“default”) enter a new password, confirm it and click “Log in”.

Connect Cisco ACS server reset password

Step 5: You must have a license file to continue. Browse and select the license file and click “install”. You can get a Cisco Secure ACS evaluation license from Cisco website, if you have an account.Visit the below link to download Cisco Secure ACS evaluation license.

Connect Cisco ACS server license install

Step 6: Now you are ready to manage your network using Cisco AAA Server, Cisco Secure ACS.

Cisco secure ACS connected browser

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