Cisco Router Show Commands

The show commands are very useful Cisco IOS commands. The Cisco Router show commands can be used to examine nearly everything about a Cisco router and its configuration. Following table lists important Cisco Router Show commands and their use.

Cisco IOS Show Command Description
OmniSecuR1#show interfaces Displays statistics for all interfaces
OmniSecuR1#show interface fa0/0 Displays statistics of fa0/0 interface.
You may use other interface also.
OmniSecuR1#show ip interface brief Displays a summary of all IPv4 interfaces, including
status and IPv4 address assigned in router "OmniSecuR1"
OmniSecuR1#show ipv6 interface brief Displays a summary of all IPv6 interfaces, including
status and IPv6 address assigned in router "OmniSecuR1"
OmniSecuR1#show controllers serial 1/0 Displays statistics for interface hardware serial 1/0.
Statistics display if the clock rate is set and
if the cable is DCE, DTE, or not attached
OmniSecuR1#show clock Displays the system clock of the router "OmniSecuR1".
OmniSecuR1#show hosts Displays the configured hostnames and their
corresponding IP addresses of the router "OmniSecuR1"
OmniSecuR1#show users Displays all users connected to the router "OmniSecuR1"
OmniSecuR1#show history Displays history of Cisco IOS commands used
OmniSecuR1#show flash Displays info about Flash memory
OmniSecuR1#show version Displays info about loaded Cisco IOS software
OmniSecuR1#show arp Displays the ARP table of the router "OmniSecuR1".
ARP table is the table which contains the
resolved IPv4 address to MAC address mappings.
OmniSecuR1#show protocols Displays status of configured Layer 3 protocols
OmniSecuR1#show startup-config Displays configuration saved in NVRAM
OmniSecuR1#show running-config Displays configuration currently running in RAM
OmniSecuR1#show ip route Displays the IPv4 routing table of the router "OmniSecuR1"
OmniSecuR1#show ipv6 route Displays the IPv6 routing table of the router "OmniSecuR1"
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