How to create a new group in Linux using groupadd command

The groupadd command can be used in Linux to add user groups to the system. The basic syntax of Linux groupadd command is groupadd <groupname>. If no command-line options are used, the group is created with the next available Group ID number (GID) above 499. To specify a GID, use the groupadd -g <gid> <group-name> command.

[root@RHEL2 ~]# groupadd engineering

To add existing Linux users to a group, use the usermod -aG <groups> <username> command.

[root@RHEL2 ~]# usermod -aG engineering tintin

Note: You should be familiar how to add a user in Linux before learning this lesson. Click the following link to learn how to add a user in a Linux machine using useradd command.

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