DNS Client (DNS Resolver) and DNS Server (Name Server)

A Domain Name System (DNS) server, (also called as a Name Server), provides name resolution service by returning answers for the DNS queries, sent from DNS Clients. Domain Name System (DNS) service in installed on dedicated servers to provide Name Resolution service to DNS Clients. Different vendors have their own implementation of DNS Server. Windows Server Operating System Products are included with Microsoft's implementation of Domain Name System (DNS) Software.

The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) is the most widely used DNS Server Software product in the Internet. Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) was written for Unix-like Operating Systems.

A Domain Name System (DNS) Client is any computer that issues DNS queries to a Domain Name System (DNS) Server.

DNS Resolver is a software service running on any computer. DNS Resolver service forwards DNS Queries to the DNS Server for Name Resolution, on behalf of Operating System and other applications.

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