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How to Submit Certificate Request to Root CA

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Open the "Certification Authority" Console in Root CA. (Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Certification Authority).

Right click Server icon and select "All Tasks > Submit New Request" from the context menu.

Submit new Request to Root CA

Select the copied request file created from Enterprise subordinate CA.

Select Request File

Go to "Pending Requests", right click the "Pending Requests" now created, select "Issue" from the context menu.

Issue Pending Request

Select "Issued Certificates", double click the entry there.

Issued Certificates

The new CA Certificate will open. Notice the "General" tab. This certificate is issued by "OMNISECU ROOT CA" and issued to "OMNISECU ENTERPRISE SUBORDINATE CA".

CA Certificate

Open the "Certification Path" tab, and view the certification path.

Certification Path

To export this certificate to a file, click "Detials" tab.

Detials Tab

Click "Copy to File". Certificate export wizard will launch. Click "Next".

Certificate Export Wizard - Welcome Screen

Select the format of the certificate.

Certificate Export Wizard - Select format

Select location to save the certificate, and save it.

Certificate Export Wizard - Select location

"Completing the Certificate Export Wizard" screen will be displayed.

Certification Authority

Click "Finish" to complete it, a diablog box will be displayed showing the export was successful.

Certificate Export Wizard - Success

Once the Certificate for the Enterprise Subordinate CA is issued from the Root CA, copy that file to a floppy disk or any removable drive and bring the certificate to the Enterprise Subordinate CA. In this case, the name of the CA certificate is Cert_SubCA.cer. To learn how to install this certificate on Enterprise Subordinate CA, click "Next".

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