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Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT), how Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT) can be used to configure Windows 2008 server

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Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT) is the replacement for the post-Setup Security Updates feature that was introduced in Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1). The Initial Configuration Tasks window will open at each startup, unless the "Do not show this window at logon" check box is selected. Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT) screen is shown below.

Initial Configuration Tasks

If you have disabled Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT), you can open it by running the command oobe.exe.

Three sections are available inside Initial Configuration Tasks (ICT) and these are explained below.

1) Provide computer information

2) Update This Server

3) Customize This Server

Provide computer information

In "provide computer information" section, you can set the time zone, configure the network and provide computer name and domain.

Update This Server

In "Update This Server" section, you can enable automatic updating and feedback and "download and install updates".

Customize This Server

In "Customize This Server" you can Add Roles, Add Features, Enable Remote Desktops and Configure Windows Firewall.

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