How to create and add AAA clients (Network devices like routers and Switches) in Cisco ACS

Cisco Secure ACS is a AAA Server, and Cisco Secure ACS is used to control and manage Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for an enterprise network centrally. We need to create and add users and network devices Cisco Secure ACS for the above reason.

To add a Network device like Router in Cisco Secure ACS, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Cisco ACS web interface using Microsoft Internet Explorer (I really meant Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Firefox has many compatibility issues with Cisco Secure ACS. You may experience many unknown errors and GUI related problems if you use Firefox browser.) as shown below. If you are not sure what is Cisco ACS web interface, visit following links to know more.

How to install Cisco ACS (Secure Access Control Server ) 5.4 on VMware Workstation

How to connect manage and configure Cisco ACS using web browser

Cisco Secure ACS add router welcome page

Step 2: Click to open "Network Resources" and the "Network Devices and AAA clients", as shown below.

Cisco secure ACS add router network devices and aaa clients

Step 3: Enter the router hostname (OmniSecuR1), IP Address of the Router ( and Shared Secret (just think shared secret as the password of the router in Cisco ACS). Multiple requests from a AAA client will be multiplexed over a single TCP session, if single connection mode is selected. By default, "Single Connect Device" check box is unchecked.

Cisco secure ACS add router hostname ip address shared secret

Step 4: The new network device account (OmniSecuR1) is added in Cisco ACS as shown below.

Cisco Secure ACS router added

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