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Common Network Application Software

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Web Browser: A web browser is a network application which enables the users to access the internet. Web browser interprets HTML (HyperText Mark-up language) files sent from a Web Server and displays the content in its screen. Web Browser is the most widely used network application.

Most widely used Web Browser products are

Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

E-mail Applications: E-mail (Electronic Mail) Applications are used for composing and sending e-mails within the same network or to outside the network.

Most widely used E-mail (Electronic Mail) Applications products are

Mozilla Thunderbird
Microsoft Outlook

Instant Messaging Chat Applications: Instant Messaging Chat Applications are used these days for corporate communication and for general chat.

Most widely used Instant Messaging Chat Applications products are

Apache OpenMeetings
Microsoft Lync
Yahoo Messanger
Cisco WebEx

Collaboration Applications: Collaboration network applications are mainly used inside a company for a group of employees to work together for a common task. Collaboration network applications allow employees to transfer their files to a central storage repository and work together on it.

Microsoft SharePoint
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
Oracle Beehive
Novell GroupWise


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