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Network Infrastructure Devices and Icons used in network diagrams

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Network Infrastructure devices are the physical components, which are used to build the network. Depending on the size of the enterprise network, the model, capacity and size of Network Infrastructure devices varies.

Following table lists important devices in a computer network. If you are a beginner, some devices may not be familiar. We will discuss about these devices in future lessons.

It is necessary to understand and perceive these network device icons, because network diagrams uses these icons to represent the network devices.




Network Hubs Ethernet Hub
Layer 2 Switches Ethernet Switch
Layer 3 Switches Layer 3 Switch
Ethernet Network Segment Ethernet LAN Segment
WAN Link WAN Link
Network Routers Router
Clients Client1      Client 2
Servers File Server  Print Server  Web Server Email Server
Firewall (General) Firewall
Cisco ASA Cisco ASA
Cisco Secure ACS Cisco Secure ACS
Cisco ISE Cisco ISE
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