How to Save an Excel workbook file to Computer's Hard-disk


When you create an Excel workbook, it is stored in computer's volatile RAM memory. When the file is in computer's RAM, it is volatile. Means that it can't survive a computer reboot (except when AutoRecover feature is configured, which write the file automatically to computer's hard disk).

Excel workbook file is written on computer's hard disk, Solid State Drive (SSD), USB drive etc., according to the selection you made while saving it. When you save a workbook, the workbook is written as a file on computer's file system.

When the workbook is saved on the computer's hard-disk, it is called as a file. You need to assign a file name when you save the file.

Follow these steps to save an Excel workbook to computer as a file.

Step 1 - Click "Save" icon in Excel Quick Access Toolbar (or press "Ctrl" + "S" keys together), as shown in below image.



Step 2 - Excel Backstage View is opened and "Save As" menu is displayed as shown in below image. Click "Browse" button to open "Save As" Dialog Box.

Save As Menu in Excel Backstage View

Step 3 - Excel "Save As" Dialog Box is displayed as shown below. Select the folder where you want to save the Excel file from Windows (Operating System) File System directory structure. Verify that the selected folder is correct at address bar.

Verify that correct Excel file type is selected at "Save as type" Drop-down menu. Note that the default file type is "xlsx". If required, change the file type.

Enter a meaningful name for new Excel file and click "Save" button to save the file.

Select folder to save Excel file

Step 4 - Open Windows (Operating System) File Explorer and verify that the Excel file is saved at selected location as shown in below image.

Excel File is saved on hard-disk of the computer


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