Important commands in Windows command-line FTP client

FTP Command Description of Command
! ! command is used to toggle back and forth between the operating system console and ftp. If you are in the operating system command-line, type exit to move back to FTP command line.
? Help.
append Appends a local file to a file on the remote computer using the current file type setting.
ascii Switch to ASCII transfer mode.
bell Turns bell mode on or off. An audible sound after each file transfer command is completed.
binary Switches to binary transfer mode.
bye Exits from FTP. Similar to quit.
cd Change directory.
close Exits from the FTP session with the remote server and remains at the ftp> prompt.
delete Deletes a file.
debug Sets debugging on or off.
dir List contents of the remote directory, if connected. Similar to dir command in Windows OS.
disconnect Disconnects from the remote computer and remains in the ftp> prompt.
get Get a remote file to the local computer using the current file transfer type.
glob Toggles wildcard expansion of local file names. Globbing allows the use of the wildcards asterisk (*) and question mark (?) in local file or path names.
hash Toggles number sign (#) printing for each data block that is transferred. When turned on, for each 1024 bytes of data received, a # mark is displayed.
help Help.
lcd Changes the working directory on the local computer.
literal Sends verbatim arguments to the remote FTP server with a single FTP reply code as response.
ls Lists files of the remotely connected computer. Similar to dir command.
mdelete Multiple delete.
mdir Lists contents of multiple remote directories.
mget Get multiple files.
mkdir Make directory.
mls Displays an abbreviated list of files and subdirectories in a remote directory.
mput Send multiple files using the current file transfer type.
open Opens a connection to remote FTP Server.
prompt Toggles between prompt mode on and off. Allows you to selectively retrieve or store files.
put Sends one file.
pwd Print working directory.
quit Exits from FTP.
quote Similar to literal command.
recv Copies a remote file to the local computer using the current file transfer type.
remotehelp Displays help for remote commands.
rename Renames a file.
rmdir Deletes a remote directory.
send Copies a local file to the remote computer using the current file transfer type.
status Shows status of currently enabled and disabled options.
trace Toggles packet tracing.
Type Set file transfer type.
user Specifies a user to the remote computer.
verbose Sets verbose on or off. When verbose is on, all ftp responses are displayed.

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