Excel Start Screen in detail

Start screen is the first screen of Excel, when you open Excel application. Below image shows Start screen in Excel 2019.

Excel start screen

Excel Start Screen is divided into two panels; 1) Left panel and 2) Right panel

Excel Start Screen - Left Panel

The Left panel (which is green in color) contains a list of recently opened Excel files. Below the list of recently opened Excel files, there is a link "Open Other workbooks". If you click "Open Other workbooks", Excel will take you to the Backstage view, where you can open an existing Excel document.

Excel Start Screen - Right Panel

The most important button on Right panel is labelled as "Blank workbook". By clicking the "Blank workbook" button, you can open a new blank Excel workbook.

The new Excel workbook contain a single initial worksheet (labelled as Sheet1) in a new workbook file (labelled as Book1), as shown in below image.

Excel Default Workbook and Worksheet Name


Excel Start Screen's Right panel also contains a tour to Excel, Tutorials for formulas and functions and tutorials for pivot tables.

A list of templates is also available in Excel Start Screen's Right panel. You can use these templates as the basis of your Excel document.

Right panel of Start screen includes a text box, using which you can search for Excel templates online too.

There is also a link in top right corner Excel Start Screen, that you can use to login to your Microsoft account.


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