How to install TELNET server in Windows Server using Server Manager

This tutorial lesson explains how to install TELNET server in Windows server. Before connecting to any TCP/IP device using TELNET protocol, the very basic requirement is to install and run the TELNET server on that device. TELNET server was shipped inbuilt in previous Windows server Operating System products, but not available in Windows Server 2019 because of the security vulnerability of TELNET protocol. So, to show you how to install TELNET server in Windows server, I had selected Windows server 2012.

I suggest you to learn below lessons, before continuing.

Follow these steps to install TELNET server in Windows Server 2012 using Server Manager. You should login as an Administrator to perform this task successfully.

Step 1 - To install TELNET server service in Windows Server 2012, open Server Manager from Windows Server 2012 start menu, by clicking it.


Step 2 - Once the Server Manager is open, click "Add roles and features", as shown below.


Step 3 - Click "Next" in the first page of the "Add roles and features Wizard".


Step 4 - Make sure "Role-based or feature-based installation" radio button is selected. Then "Next" button to continue.


Step 5 - Select the server where you want to install the TELNET server service from the list of available servers. In this case, we have only one server, OMNISECU-SERV. Click "Next".


Step 6 - In "Server Roles" page, click "Next".


Step 7 - Select "Telnet Server" from the list of available features, in "Features" page. Click "Next".


Step 8 - Click "Install" button, in "Confirmation" page, to install TELNET server.


Step 9 - Click "Close" button in "Results" page to finish TELNET server installation and to close the Wizard.


Once the TELNET server installation is completed, you need to start the TELNET service in Windows Server. Click the following link to learn how to start TELNET service in Windows Server, using Services MMC snap-in.

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