PuTTY login to Cisco Router using SSH protocol

Following steps explains how to login to a Cisco Router using PuTTY and SSH protocol. Before continuing, please visit next link to learn how to configure SSH Server in Cisco router.

Step 1 - Open PuTTY and enter the IP address of Cisco router (where SSH server is configured) and select SSH as the protocol, as shown in below image. Make sure that the port number selected is 22.


Step 2 - If you are accessing the Cisco Router SSH server first time, a security alert message will be displayed showing a waring related with the authenticity of the SSH server. If you are sure everything is perfect, Click "Yes" button.


Step 3 - Enter the username created at Cisco router’s local user database. Please visit next link to learn how to create a user in Cisco Router.


Step 4 - Enter the password of the user. Note that the password entered is not visible.


Step 5 - Now you are at the terminal console of the Cisco router, securely logged-in using SSH protocol.


Step 6 - Run a command to check the SSH protocol connection to the Cisco router is working perfect.


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