SSH Protocols and Products

Following table lists important protocols and products related with SSH.

SSH Terms Meaning
SSH A common term used for SSH protocols or products.
SSH-1 The first version of SSH protocol. It was released on July 1995.
SSH-2 More secure and standard version of SSH protocol. SSH-2 protocol was adopted as a standard in 2006.
SSH1 The first implementation of SSH-1 protocol by Tatu Ylonen. SSH1 software was released in 1995. SSH1 is obsolete now.
SSH2 The implementation of SSH-2 protocol by SSH Communications Security Inc. The current SSH client/server product by SSH Communications Security Inc., is named as Tectia.
ssh Client program for SSH protocol is called as ssh (small letters).
OpenSSH OpenSSH is the free implementation of the SSH-2 protocol by the OpenBSD project (
PuTTY PuTTY is an SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. You can download PuTTY at following link. Download PuTTY .
Bitvise SSH server and client Bitwise SSH server and client are available free for personal and non-commercial use. Download Bitvise SSH server and client at following link. Download Bitvise SSH server and client .
VanDyke Software VanDyke SSH server and client are another commercial products based on SSH-2 protocol. Try VanDyke Software SSH server SecureCRT at following link. Try VanDyke Software SSH server and SecureCRT.

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