F4 key in Excel formula

When we write absolute, relative or mixed Cell reference in Excel formulas, we can either type the $ (Dollar) symbol manually or we can use F4 key to insert $ (Dollar) symbol automatically. You need to remember below points when you use F4 key to insert $ (Dollar) symbol in Excel formulas.

  • The Cell where you are trying to write the formula must be in the "Enter mode".
  • You need to type the "=" symbol as the first character of the formula, to tell Excel that you are trying to write a formula.
  • You need to keep the cursor at the beginning of the Cell address at the middle of the Cell address or at the end of the Cell address.
  • Press the F4 key only once to create absolute Cell reference.

Please note that pressing the F4 key different number of times can cause different effect in Cell address in an Excel formula.

  • Pressing the F4 key once will create an absolute Cell reference (Example, =$B$9)
  • Pressing the F4 key twice will place the $ (Dollar) symbol before the Row number. $ (Dollar) symbol before Row number means that, the Row is fixed and the Column is relative (Example =B$9)
  • Pressing the F4 key thrice will place the $ (Dollar) symbol before the Column letter. $ (Dollar) symbol before Column letter means that, the Column is fixed and the Row is relative (Example =$B9)
  • If you press the F4 key four times, all the $ (Dollar) symbols are removed from the Cell address (Example =B9).

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