What are Excel formulas

Excel formulas are one of the most useful features of Excel. Excel formulas are used to calculate results from the data available in different Cells of Excel worksheets. Formulas are similar to equations. We use formulas to perform calculations on values. These values can be the results of functions, Cell references, Ranges or constants.

We can configure Excel to recalculate the formulae in any Cell, when the data is changed in Excel Cells. If there is no capability to calculate results using formulas, Excel can provide a spreadsheet where you can only enter and save data, with no calculations.

Excel formulas start with an equal sign (=).

An example of Excel formula is =10*10. This formula is used to multiply 10 with 10. The mathematical operator (*) instructs Excel to multiply 10 with 10.

Following image shows how to enter above formula in an Excel Cell.

Excel Formula Example

Excel will calculate the formula and will display the result in Excel Cell as shown below. Note that the result is displayed in the Cell and the formula is displayed in the formula bar.

Excel Formula Output

Excel formulas using Cell addresses

Instead of entering numbers directly in an Excel formula, you may enter the Cell addresses in an Excel formula to use the data stored in those Cells for calculations. Refer below image to understand how to use the Cell address in an Excel formula.

Excel Formula using Cell address

Here the Cell B1 contains numeric value 10 and the Cell C1 also contains numeric value 10. In Cell A1, we have entered the formula as =B1*C1. Excel will use the values stored in Cells B1 and C1 and will calculate and display the results as shown below.

Excel Formula using Cell address output

Click the following link to learn how to write formulas using Cell references and Range references.

Written by Jajish Thomas.
Last updated on 27th January, 2022.

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