How to install Windows 2022 Server

In this lesson, we will learn how to install Windows Server 2022. Please refer the next link to know about the minimum hardware requirements to install Windows Server 2022.

To know exact minimum hardware requirements to install Windows Server 2022, please visit below link. Hardware requirements for Windows Server 2022

This installation of Windows Server 2022 was done on a Virtual Machine. Hardware configuration (Virtual Machine settings) for the installation of Windows Server 2022, with Desktop experience is shown below. Minimum hardware requirement may be even less.



Step 01 - Insert your Windows Server 2022 installation media in DVD drive or USB port. Make essential settings in machine setup to boot the computer from DVD or USB pen drive, as per your need. Power-on your server machine. Press any key to continue Windows Server 2022 installation setup.



Step 02 - Select the language, time and currency format and keyboard. Click "Next" button.



Step 03 - Click "Install now" button.



Step 04 - Now the Windows Server 2022 installation setup will start running.



Step 05 - Select the version of Windows Server 2022 you want to install. In this case, I had selected Windows Server 2022 Standard edition, with Desktop experience.

If you want to install the Server Core version of Windows Server 2022, for Standard or Datacenter editions, select that version here.



Step 06 - Check the checkbox to accept Microsoft License terms related with Windows Server 2022. Without accepting the License terms, you cannot proceed further. After checking the checkbox, click "Next" to continue.



Step 07 - Here we are doing a fresh installation of Windows Server 2022. As shown in below image, select "Custom" installation.



Step 08 - Now, we need to partition the Hard-disk/SSD and layout the NTFS file system on partitions. You can create new partitions by clicking the "New" button and then format and layout NTFS filesystem on new partitions. Since this is a virtual machine guest operating system, and the space is only 60 GB, I can just proceed by clicking "Next" button, so that Windows setup will automatically create necessary partitions and then layout the necessary filesystems on those partitions.



Step 09 - Now the setup will start copying the files from installation media (DVD Drive/USB pen drive) and start installing Windows Server 2022 on your computer.



Step 10 - Once the installation is over, Windows 2022 Server setup will prompt you to create a password for the Super User, "Administrator". Enter a new password and confirm the password by re-entering it, as shown in below image.



Step 11 - Now you can login to your all-new Windows Server 2022 machine. To login, enter the password you had created in previous step.



Windows Server 2022 - Server Core installation

If you are trying to install Windows Server 2022 as Server Core, you need to select the Server Core version of Standard or Datacenter edition at Step 05. As you can see in below screenshots, there is no GUI for Server Core version. What you are presented with initially is Windows command prompt.

Step 1 - Press Control + Alt + Delete keys together to unlock.


Step 2 - Similar to Desktop experience version installation, finally Server Core also will prompt to create Administrator password. Select OK using arrow keys and then press Enter.


Step 3 - Create a new password for the super user Administrator, by entering the new password and then re-entering it. Press Enter key, once you have finished creating password.


Step 4 - Now Windows Server 2022 will present you with SConfig command-line tool to manage Server Core.


Written by Jajish Thomas.
Last updated on 27th January, 2022.


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