How to find an Excel Cell contains a formula or value

When we look at an Excel Worksheet, it is impossible to tell that a Cell contains formula or value. Excel will display only the result of the calculation inside a Cell, if that Cell is not in Edit mode or Enter mode. But the Cell contents of the Active Cell are displayed in formula bar.

Refer below image. There are formulas in Cells E2 to E7. But, you can see only the result of the formulas in those Cells. But, E7 is the Active Cell and the formula stored in Cell E7 is diplayed in formula bar.

how to find a cell contains formula or value

If the Cell is in Edit mode or Enter mode, the formula is visible inside that Cell. Below image shows the formula in Cell E6, when that Cell is changed to Edit mode.

excel formula inside cell when edit mode

Written by Jajish Thomas.
Last updated on 28th January, 2022.

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